PD(3) 1 Kenyon &Ward's Charibere Simply Special. Quality animal, excellent head and neck, lovely body shape and general balance, front assembly pleased, topline and rear angulation acceptable. BP. 2 Holmes' Lisjovia Shaky Byrne. Another good exhibit, typical head details, quarters pleased, movement positive. 3 Keith's Shanlimore Let It Be For Beverlenn.

JD(6) 1 Sang's Kalkasi High Flyer At Mizeka. Quality, lovely balance and form, helped by good quarters and angulation, head properties pleased, movement confirmed construction. 2 Bowker &Gibson's Febus Mauvezin. General balance pleased, good head, topline and body shape, movement positive. 3 Baverstock's Echo De'chien A Touch Of Magic At Kalkasi (Imp Est).

ND(2) 1 Kenyon &Ward's Charibere Simply Special. 2 Newman's Newridgehalls Kelso Laddie. Head, neck and body shape pleased, better topline would improve, movement confirmed construction.

PGD(5) 1 Sang's Kalkasi High Flyer At Mizeka. 2 Nelson's Gillandant Sensationalist. Excellent balance and general form, good front angulation, excellent topline and body, little straight in rear angulation. 3 Baverstock's Echo De'chien A Touch Of Magic At Kalkasi (Imp Est).

LD (6) 1 Smith's Briannor Ancientmariner. Quality exhibit, excellent general balance, form and size, lovely head, neck and topline, typical angulation confirmed in movement. Res DCC. 2 Meakin's Jazanah Josephinite. Typical head properties, front and rear quarters, angulation pleased and was confirmed with typical movement, head details and balance typical. 3 Coad's Shanlimore Blue Moon At Pamplona.

OD(5) 1 Baverstock's Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits JW ShCM. Another quality exhibit, very typical on all fronts, excellent head, neck and topline, super movement confirming the general balance, a pleasure to judge. DCC. 2 Bowker &Boyd's Ch/Am Ch Rivergroves Murphy-Goode ShCM (Imp). General balance pleased, excelent head and front assembly, movement confirmed construction. 3 Meakin's Jazanah Jaunty.

PB(3, 1) 1 Marston's Charibere Symphony's Legacy. General quality pleased, typical head properties, good body and topline, good quarters, confirmed when moving. 2 Moffat's Lisjovia Simoncelli. Similar in general balance to above, body and topline pleased, just a little straight in upper arm, movement positive.

JB(2) 1 Baverstock's Kalkasi High Expectations. Promising exhibit with general balance that pleased, good head properties with typical topline and body shape, pleasing movement. 2 Tomkins' Shanlimore Chantilly Lace Of Glenpyr. Well bodied exhibit, typical head, quarter construction acceptable, movement confirmed make and shape.

NB(2) 1 Newman's Newridgehall's Polar Fox. Excellent body and topline, eyes rather light in colour but head shape and properties pleasing, good front and rear assembly with positive movement.

PGB(2) 1 Baverstock's Kalkasi High Expectations. 2 Newman's Newridgehall's Polar Fox.

LB(3, 1) 1 Baverstock's Kalkasi Danz In The Moonlite. Very pleasing typical exhibit, excellent head, neck and topline, good front and rear movement which confirmed typical balance and general quality. Res BCC. 2 McDowell &Asher's Sketrick Maggie May At Granchester. Good upstanding animal, head details pleased, front and rear assembly acceptable, movement confirmed pleasing topline and body shape, typical head.

OB(2, 1) 1 Sang's Ch Kalkasi Destiny's Spirit At Mizeka ShCM. Exhibit that immediately took my eye. Real quality, excellent head, balance and form, movement confirmed excellent and typical topline, body and front and rear assemblies, a very pleasing example of this lovely breed. Well put down and handled. BCC and BOB.

Colin Reed