Thank you to my three lady stewards for keeping me organised. On the positive side, as one would expect at this level, dentition was excellent throughout with only one dog being very slightly undershot, all the males were entire and dewclaws were present. With only one exception temperament was first class and all but one of the exhibits were in good quality coat but it was disappointing to see at least six with poor pigmentation. It was gratifying to see at first hand the good influence that Murphy has had on the breed but the general impression from a lot of the entry was of dogs moving too close behind and despite standing straight at the front many seemed to move too wide or cross their front legs when coming towards me. Over the last twenty or so years we have almost eliminated the heavy square heads with too much stop and the excessively dipping toplines that used be common so let’s hope we can improve movement in the coming years.

Veteran Dog - 5 (1)
1.Ch Pyroni Valentino of Baldhoon Mrs D Simpson, all white 7 year old, moving well with drive & style. Head has right amount of stop and is of good proportions, tight lips together with correct eye shape and colour create a good expression, especially in profile. He has medium angulation both front and rear and keeps his shape well when moving.
2.Ch Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche JW Sh.CM Mrs K Maggs not the head qualities of 1 but has excellent pigmentation and for a nine year old moves out well in profile.
3.Laudley Dyllan Thomas Mr & Mrs J Burwell, heavily marked boy with excellent pigmentation but he is too narrow over the skull which detracts from his expression, not displaying the same drive from the rear as 1 & 2 but carrying his years well.

Special Puppy Dog - 4 (0)
1.Ordessa Moonlit Arctic Bear Mrs J Dowdell nine month old with nice expression black nose and eye rims, lips are tight but lack pigmentation. Angulation and topline all good, coat a bit curly at present but that will change with age. Moves a little close behind at present.
2.Kalkasi Dances With Wolves for Montimur Mr & Mrs C Ford attractive blaireau head colouring, nice eye shape and colour but overall expression marred by loose lips, he also moves too close behind currently and doesn’t have the strong topline of the winner.
3.Penellcy Fantasmic Dream Miss L Bromley & Mr I Handley tall boy with good topline, lacks rear angulation but moves out well despite this and is a bit unruly at present. There is still time to work on those long feet, keep his nails short and plenty of road work!

Junior Dog - 2 (0)
3. Ricaduffal Shining Star Mr & Mrs Ireland unfortunately felt I could only award third here as the KC Fit for Function Breed Watch says that “Points of concern for special attention by judges” include “Excessive weight in dogs under the age of two years”. He has an attractive head and expression and carries his tail well but movement both front and rear is not helped by being too fat.

Yearling Dog - 3 (0)
1.Gillandant Rockafella JW Mrs G Pollard This boy oozes quality and is obviously destined for the top. He has all the necessary attributes that create a proper Pyrenean expression, excellent pigmentation, tight lips, obliquely set almond shaped eyes of good colour with small unobtrusive ears that all come together with a rounded skull that has just the right amount of stop to complete the picture.
2.Gillandant Sensationalist Mrs N Nelson similar all round to his litter brother and moves with more enthusiasm but he isn’t as far forward in development as yet and is a little straight in rear angulation. 3.Gillandant The Illusionist at Avantgarde Mrs D Shepherd & Mr S Cordon the naughty boy of the three brothers who needs a firm hand in the ring to look at his best as it is difficult to assess his movement, similar in all respects to the second dog but lips are a little slack which detracts from an otherwise excellent head type.

Postgraduate Dog - 8 (0)
1. Jazanah Josephinite Mr & Mrs P Meakin good all round type, excellent head with tight lips, good pigmentation, correct eye shape and colour. Balanced angulation front and rear with a strong topline. He keeps his excellent outline as he moves out well with drive and enthusiasm, one with a good future.
2. Gillandant Silent Whisper Mr & Mrs D Jones attractively marked boy who has really come on since I last saw him, not quite as far forward in his development as the winner but lots of potential.
3. Shanlimore Lord George at Capyrmount Miss J Weir well off for height and even though he is a little flat footed when standing he moves out well with good reach, has an excellent topline and good angulation.

Limit Dog - 9 (0)
1.Kalkasi In High Spirits JW Mr & Mrs I Baverstock eye catching boy who makes the most of himself on the move. He has excellent pigmentation with a good eye shape and colour and correct ear size and placement all contributing to a pleasing expression, Res CC.
2. Gillandant Kathy's Clown of Dewyche JW ShCM Mrs K Maggs really pleased to see how much he has come on during the winter, a late developer with his best times ahead of him. A little loose in the flews but otherwise a good head type with nice tight eyes of good colour. A tall dog he has a good outline when standing but tends to lose his shape a little when moving hopefully this will improve with maturity.
3. Sketrick Just Like Shrek Mrs L Waters a favourite of mine but disappointedly didn’t seem to be at his best today, probably the only dog here with the correct tight lower lip which adds so much to the desired Pyrenean expression, he has good pigmentation almond shaped eyes with black eye rims obliquely set and the correct ear size and placement, his skull is gently rounded when viewed from both front and side and with just a little less stop and a slightly darker eye colour this head would be a blueprint for the desired ideal. Good angulation and overall body shape with correct sloping rump to complete the picture.

Open Dog - 4 (2)
1.Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend JW Ms P Bayliss impressive eye catching youngster on top form, quite well behaved today as he does tend to give his handler a hard time! Very mature for his age he has a superb masculine head with excellent pigmentation good eye shape and colour contributing to a head that is strong
without being in any way coarse, with strong bone he has a totally balanced outline which is emphasised when he moves both soundly and with drive. CC & BOB.
2.Ricaduffal Shooting Star Mr I Duffell & Miss D Egleton , bit of an enigma this boy, he is good all through with good pigmentation, correct eye shape and colour all making up a pleasing expression, he has reasonable angulation front and rear with a straight topline, he moves steadily and soundly but seems to lack that little bit of a spark that makes all the difference in the showring.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog - 4 (1)
1.Jazanah Josephinite
2.Laudley Dancing Dervish Mrs B Lord was reserve in the veteran class but moved up here as he was putting a bit more into his showing despite being almost ten. Excellent dark pigment with good eye shape and colour, well off for bone and substance.
3.Pyrtastic Nightshine Mr & Mrs J Low & Miss C Low tall all white boy well presented and with good angulation but the overall picture is spoiled by very loose flews and splayed feet.

Veteran Bitch - 6 (2)
1.Ch & Int & N Ch Vi'skaly's Amazing Alfa at Kington Mr & Mrs K Savage a favourite of mine since she was a puppy, she has all the attributes of a top winning Pyrenean, excellent pigmentation, tight lips, correct eye shape and colour, ears are unobtrusive and set at eye level, she has the correct muzzle to skull ratio and the right amount of stop and although the top of her skull is a little angular this was one of the best heads here today. Her outline is superb, well off for height and with all the right angles complimented by a level topline, she moves both soundly and steadily but although when moving she only seems to have one gear she was still a serious contender for the reserve CC.
2. Ch Zalute Zuperzofistication Mrs M Dunk nine year old carrying her years well, still retains the correct body shape with good angles and tight feet she has a pleasing head which only shows a little evidence of ageing.
3.Pyroni Tommy Girl of Myatoksci Mrs D Cochrane seven year old, like the previous two in excellent condition, good outline which she keeps when moving well. Nice to see good pigmentation on an all white bitch.

Special Puppy Bitch - 5(0)
1. Kalkasi Stormdance for Montimur Mr & Mrs C Ford nine month old pup with pleasing feminine head qualities, she is a little straight in stifle but was easily the best mover in the puppies here today, no hesitation in awarding her Best Puppy.
2. Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish Miss E Downes another nice head and expression, of good height and outline but needs to tighten up a lot if her movement.
3. Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville Mr & Mrs J Burwell another one of good height and has similar qualities to the second placed puppy but lacks enthusiasm when asked to move.

Special Junior Bitch - 4 (1)
1.Kalkasi Misty Star of Ricaduffal Mr I Duffell promising youngster with good head qualities, good pigmentation with tight lips correct eye shape and ear size and placing, she has a nicely rounded skull with just the right amount of stop to complete the picture. Good topline and angulation OK both front and rear, strides out well but with a rather peculiar tail carriage.
2.Shanlimore Pandora Mrs J Veale was reserve in the puppy class but moved with more enthusiasm this time, very similar in many ways to her litter sisters in the previous class and could end up the best of the three if she puts more into her showing.
3.Kalkasi Misty Magic at Mizeka Mrs Z Sang reasonable head qualities except she lacks pigmentation, not the angulation of the previous two and she moves too close behind at present.

Yearling Bitch - 2 Entered (1)
1.Galliagh Sarrance of Lysidas Mrs W Brown excellent pigmentation with good eye shape and colour but another expression somewhat spoilt by loose lips. Well off for height and has good angulation. Moved well enough but not the best of toplines.

Postgraduate Bitch - 10 (6)
1.Gillandant Crystal Fantasy Miss S Greenfield well off for pigmentation and has tight lips, a good eye shape and colour with a correctly curved skull. A tall bitch with good balanced angulation front and rear, moved well.
2.Galliagh Sarrance of Lysidas
3.Zalute Ztatusqowoutonawim Miss C Jones reasonable head qualities but lost out here due to lack of enthusiasm when moving, angulation OK but topline a bit soft.

Limit Bitch - 13(1)
1.Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW Mr & Mrs Ford outstanding bitch with all the qualities needed to be a big winner she must catch the eye of any judge as she enters the ring. Presented to perfection she has a most appealing head with good pigmentation, almond eye shape of the right colour and small ears set correctly all add to the picture, her skull is nicely rounded and she has the right amount of stop. For a bitch she is very well off for bone and substance, she has the best of feet and correct angulation both front and rear well demonstrated when she is striding effortlessly around the ring, an easy winner in this the biggest class and very close up for the reserve CC.
2.Shanlimore Love Letters at Luisander Mr & Mrs N Wright good head shape and size with excellent pigmentation and correct eye shape and colour the overall expression is spoiled a little by her ears being a bit too long but her body has a good outline with well angulated front and rear that mean she moves well with plenty of drive.
3.Zalute Ztatusquokismequik Mrs M Dunk another good all round type with attractive head and expression. Correct angulation and a really good body shape with correct topline and sloping rump, lost out to the second place when moving as although she is sound enough she tends to move in a hurried manner with not much reach.

Open Bitch – 6 (2)
1. Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice JW Mrs G Pollard first in a trio of quality bitches she has everything I look for in a Pyrenean bitch, totally feminine in her expression with excellent pigmentation, tight lips and almond shaped amber brown eyes with black eye rims that compliment the correct amount of stop and gently rounded skull to complete the picture. Best of feet, good shoulder angulation and straight topline curving smoothly into her tail and although she sometimes stands a little straight at the back this doesn’t detract at all from her seemingly effortless eye catching movement with good reach and drive. CC
2. Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore JW Mrs C Edwards as always from this kennel she is presentation personified, excellent pigmentation, tight lips and correct eye shape and colour , her skull is a little angular but this doesn’t detract too much from her attractive feminine expression. Tight feet and correct angulation add to the picture when she is asked to move with that “look at me” attitude so necessary in a winning dog. Res CC.
3. Ch Gillandant Kiss And Tell at Desalazara Mr & Mrs G Ford litter sister to the winner and in many ways very similar with all the same excellent head qualities, she probably has better conformation as her angulation is perfect both front and rear but for some reason when asked to move she just doesn’t want to know, a great pity as otherwise she would be a multiple CC winner.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch - 5(3)
1. Gillandant Crystal Fantasy
2. Zalute Ztatusqowoutonawim