Pyrenean Mountain Dog

It was a great honour to judge our majestic breed at Crufts, and I would like to thank the Crufts committee for giving me this appointment, also thank you to the exhibitors for the opportunity to judge your dogs and giving me a splendid entry, thanks also to my very efficient stewards who kept everything running smoothly. After I finished judging I was escorted to the PMD of GB Club stand by our Chairman Colin Bowker and had the most pleasant surprise, I was given a portrait of Ch Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy (Bradley) for his achievements in the breed. To end a most enjoyable day I was pleased to see my BOB pulled out to the final cut in the group, and the TV coverage made me feel very proud.

VD (3) 1 Maggs’ Ch Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche. 8 year old male, good head, dentition, pigment moved out well. 2 Burwell’s Laudley Dyllan Thomas. Preferred head of one, heavily coloured with good pigment, level topline nice type. 3 Prickett’s Kricarno Kontinental.

(2) 1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi in High Spirits JW. Nice head, eye correct shape, strong neck, level topline, moved out well, but owner needs to slow down with him, good clean condition. 2 Lazarides’ Brophys Herculies the Great for Alchazandis. Heavy in head, good bone and angulation.

(7,1) 1 Flounders & Smith’s Brulola Spirit in the Sky for Lakamoni. 15 months and maturing nicely, lovely head, good pigment, strong neck and shoulder placement, good angulation and moved well. 2 Terry’s & Denyer’s Kricarno Kostalot at Donsarelle. Heavily coloured, 16 months well grown youngster with excellent pigment, good bone, level topline, good clean condition. 3 Wells’ Sketrick Lupo.

(9) 1 Meakin’s Jazanah Josephinite. 21 months old, loved this type, has good head, eye shape, dark eyes and pigment, held his topline on the move, nice tight feet. 2 Bayliss’ Shiresoak Wizards Legend JW. 20 months old, very mature youngster, good head, would like a darker eye colour, good neck going down to good shoulder placement, level topline, moved OK when settled. 3 Smith’s Briannor Ancient Mariner.

(14,1) 1 Haresign’s, Briannor Ainthalfhot at Caselbarn. 19 months old, lovely type, head developing nicely, correct almond eye shape and colour, good pigment, dentition, correct shoulder placement, and length of back, good angulation, correct tail placement, moved well and was enjoying his day. Reserve CC. 2 Russell’s Alchazandis Rapscallion. All white, good head, pigment, eye colour, correct ear set, level topline, moved well. 3rd Bayliss’ Shiresoak Wizards Legend JW.

(9,1) 1 Blair’s Zalute Ztaitusquoallrhino. Lovely type, good head & pigment, masculine body, held his topline on the move, good angulation, tight feet , clean condition, enjoyed his day out. 2 Ford’s Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara. Classic head, gentle slope to skull, good eye shape and colour, good pigment, good shoulder and hind angulation, good bone, moved out well with drive, immaculate presentation. 3 Magg’s Gillandant Kathy’s Clown of Dewych JW ShCM.

(7,1) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Secret of Ours at Chezanna ShCM. I gave this lovely male his first CC and since then has taken a steady collection, love his head shape, good eye colour, pigment and expression, strong neck going down to correct shoulder placement, level topline which he kept on the move, good hind angulation and tail set, good tight feet, moved with purpose, immaculate presentation, handled well, CC, BOB, and pulled out to final cut of 8 in the Pastoral Group. 2 Nyhus’ Int/Nord/U Ch Stra’s Bonso. Nice type, good head shape, ear set and good pigment, good reach of neck, good angulation, moved with purpose, good muscle, immaculately presented, liked this dog but unlucky to meet number one. 3 Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Solar Spirit at Chezanna JW ShCM.

Good Citizen Dog
(4) 1 Meakin’s Jazanah Josephinite. 2 Francie’s Pyrdanti Goldeneye. 3 Flounders’ Pyrhaven Tudwick Wogan for Lakamoni.

(7,3) 1 Pollard’s, Ch Gillandant Annie Oakley. Favourite of mine, 7 year old and still can take the topspot for presentation and type, stood like a statue, and moved like a dream, lovely head and pigment, good ribcage and angulation, moved out sound. 2 Burwell’s, Bursville Georgies Girl. Another good type, 8 year old, nice head & pigment, good bone and tidy feet, moved well. 3 Fieldhouse’s Pyrenmount Pele of Pyrenvale.

SpPB (3) 1 Sang’s Kalkasi Destiny’s Spirit at Mizeka. 13 months, well grown, good head with moderate stop, good pigment and eye shape, moved out well, out of coat to complete the picture. 2 Baverstock’s, Kalkasi Eternal Spirit. Litter sister to one, all white, good head shape, again out of coat, moved OK. 3 Downes’ Annwylci Merchhefydd.

(8,1) 1 Dowdell’s Ordessa Silver Lace Moon. 17 months, good head, eye shape, blackest of pigment, good reach of neck going into correct shoulder placement, level topline, correct ribcage, good hind angulation, moved sound, could take her home. 2 Dowdell’s Ordessa Ivory Moon Crystal. Litter sister to one, another quality bitch with same comments but preferred head of one. 3 Tadd & Norster’s Kricarno Krystal Karousel with Venland.

(8,2) 1 Dowdell’s Ordessa Silver Lace Moon. 2 Vogler’s Pyrdanti Solitaire. Well grown youngster, lovely head, good pigment, correct eye colour giving correct expression, level topline, good hind angulation, tight feet, moved well, unlucky to meet one. 3 Haslett’s Sketrick Just An Illusion.

(10,5) 1 Thompson’s Jazanah Jade. All white, 21 months, maturing nicely, good head, eye colour, level topline which she kept on the move, nice type. 2 Greenfield’s Gillandant Crystal Fantasy. Blaireau girl of nice type, good bone and feet, level topline, well angulated hind quarters. 3 Jones’ Zalute Ztatusquowoutonawim.

LB (8,3) 1 Ford’s Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara. Loved this girl, lovely head, eye colour, pigment and dentition, good reach of neck, level topline, tail set, good angulation shoulder and hind, good bone, in lovely coat condition, moved out sound in unison with handler, never put a foot wrong, it was her day, CC her 3rd giving her the title of Champion which she well deserved, Congratulations. 2 Greenfield’s Gillandant Crystal Fantasy. 3 Jones’ Zalute Ztatusqowoutonawim.

(10,3) 1 Savage’s Vi’skaly’s Amazing Alfa at Kington (Imp Swe). 6 year old, good solid bitch full of quality, she has a beautiful head, ear set, eye colour, pigment and correct expression, good bone and nice tight feet, in good clean coat condition, moved steady, Reserve CC. 2 Cochrane’s Pyroni Tommy Girl of Myatoksci. Another quality girl, lovely head, good pigment and dentition, in good coat order, moved well. 3 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sugar and Spice JW.

Good Citizen Bitch
(6) 1 Greenfield’s Gillandant Crystal Fantasy. 2 Burwell’s, Bursville Georgies Girl. 3 Fieldhouse’s, Pyrenmount Pele of Pyrenvale.

Christine Edwards