Pyrenean Mountain Dog

VD (4) 1 Bayliss & Garratt’s Ch Shiresoak Wizards Harvest, lovely type, good head, bodylines, well formed bone, nice in profile, moved well, worthy champion; 2 Denyer’s Ch Milenjohy Lord Borgan of Batrapyr, nice dog in nice condition, moved well, balanced skull, good pigmentation, well presented; 3 Prickett’s Kricarno Kontinental, good substance, balanced head, nice ears, good reach of neck, good topline, moved well.

PD (2) 1 Lazarides’ Alchazandis Tzarevich, good size, well presented, correct expression, nice shaped body, well formed skull on good shoulders, nice bone & feet, moved freely; 2 Darlington’s Zalute Zuperairodymenion, pleasing head, correct bodylines, balanced head, nice eye, shoulders & topline, sound mover.

JD (11,2) 1 Pai’s Febus Tourettes, good outline, well balanced, kind expression, well formed skull, nice eye, good shoulders, correct dentition, moved freely; 2 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Magical Masquerade, appealing young male in good condition, nice eye & head, good pigmentation, good neck on well set shoulders, nice bone, moved soundly; 3 Inglis’ Tangstan Tsarius, pleasing type, good head & bodylines, nice bone & feet, well set front, moved well.

PGD (16,4) 1 Dowdell’s Shanlimore Moonriver with Ordessa, well formed bodylines, nice in profile, good type, well balanced, lovely expression, in nice coat, moved freely; 2 K Magical Masquerade; 3 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Secret Of Ours at Chezanna, nice head, good pigmentation, well formed shoulders, nice overall lines, moved with drive.

LD (16,1) 1 Waters’ Sketrick Gardian, well balanced dog, in good condition, well formed head, nice eye, good pigmentation, correct bite, well set front & rear, good elbows, nice topline, very well presented, moved & showed well. Pushed hard for RCC; 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Solar Spirit at Chezanna, tall dog, first class head & expression, good pigmentation, nice bodylines, well boned, good expression, nice eye, correct bite, moved very freely; 3 Whitfield’s Penpriory New Statesman of Dennaje, pleasing head, well set shoulders, nice in profile, well presented.

(14,2) 1 Mattisson-Sandstrom’s Such/DKuch Vi’Skaly’s Spirit of Alaska, worthy champion, well set bodylines, quality head, correct pigmentation, well ribbed, level topline, excellent fore & rearquarters, nice bone & feet, moved superbly. Could not be denied the CC & BOB. G4; 2 Maggs’ Ch Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche, worthy champion, close decision with 1. Correct skull, nice eye, neckline & shoulders, well boned, good front & rear, correct tail, moved with drive. RCC; 3 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Ramoun, well bodied male, nice presentation, good skull, well set shoulders & good bodylines, moved with drive.

GCD (5) 1 Denyer’s Ch Milenjohy Lord Brogan of Batrapyr, well formed body, good feet & bone, nice head, good bite, nice front, good rear, correct tail carriage, moved well; 2 Maidment’s Alchazandis Sperrylite, pleasing type, nice head, well placed, dark eye, good neck, nice topline, moved freely; 3 Hollier & Bradley’s Rosiemamy Dark Warrior, nice type, in good condition, pleasing skull, nice bodylines, well presented. 

VB (4,2) 1 Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Kleer, quality head, good pigmentation, nice eye & ear placement, nice bone, well ribbed, good topline, correct tail carriage, moved well; 2 Fenton’s Moonvista Bonnie Love, nice oldie, good front, well set rear, nice bone, balanced head, nice eye, good size, sound in movement.

(3,1) 1 Lazarides’ Alchazandis Balagoorka, excellent type, nice head, good expression, well placed eye & ears, good neck on well laid shoulders, nice topline, good rib, well set rear, moved with drive. BP; 2 Lord’s Laudley Absolute Pizzazz, lovely puppy, very nice expression, good pigmentation, correct bite, nice bodylines, good balance & bone, well constructed, moved correctly, well handled. Should have a bright future.

JB (14,5) 1 Green’s Tangstan Trar-Ti Ti, well developed female, low set pleasing outline, good eye & pigmentation, correct bite, well formed head, nice bone & topline, well set front & rear, moved in unison with handler; 2 Wilcock’s Kalkasi Magical Flare at Penellcy, well developed front & hindquarters, good bone & substance, nice head, good ears & eye, well formed front & rear, good tailset & moved freely; 2 Hayden’s Pyrdanti Bryonia, well formed body, in excellent condition, nice head, good neck & shoulders, nice bone, moved well.

(19,1) 1 Terry’s Zalute Ztatusqowoutonawim, pleasing type, good head, expression & pigmentation, correct bite, short coupled, good ribcage, moved out soundly & positively, well handled; 2 Wilcock’s Penpriory New Thoughts at Penellcy, very feminine expression, lots to like, good head, eye & ears, overall balance good, nice bone, good loin & correct tailset, moved out with purpose; 3 Jones & Salmon’s Pyrdanti Petitdejavu, well developed, good type, nice bone, good front & rear, moved well.

(19,3) 1 Simpson’s Penpriory New Dynasty of Baldhoon, upstanding female in good condition, excellent bone, straight front, good rear, nice topline, balanced head on well formed neck & shoulders, nice topline, moved well; 2 Salmon’s Pyrdanti L’Affaire de France, good balance & outline, good pigmentation, well placed eye & ears, well shaped muzzle & good mouth & lips, lovely in profile, moved with drive; 3 Dunk’s Zalute Zuperlativadiction, nice in profile, nice head & length of body, well set front & rear, good topline & correct tailset, moved correctly.

(12,3) 1 Simpson’s Ch Gillandant Classique Christal, worthy champion, very compact & feminine expression, well developed bodylines, good head, well placed eyes, nice reach of neck on well laid shoulders, correct bone, excellent front & rearquarters, good topline, well presented. CC; 2 Baverstock’s Ch Kalkasi Misty Willow, nice female in very good condition, quality head, good pigmentation, nice eye & good ear placement, excellent quarters, moved soundly & in unison with handler. Just pipped for the CC. RCC; 3 Mattisson-Sandstrom’s Int/Nord Ch Vi’Skaly’s Amazing Alfa, well presented, good eye & ears, nice neckline, good topline, nice front & rear, moved soundly.

(6) 1 Fieldhouse’s Pyrenmount Pele of Pyrenvale, good outline & balance, nice bone, good in profile, well set tail, good topline, well presented, good quarters, moved well; 2 Salter’s Galliagh Ordizan, well presented, very compact, well set front, good quality head, nice topline, moved with drive; 3 Flounders’ Sketrick Izzianette at Lakamoni, nice bodylines, good eye & pigmentation, nice topline & well formed rear, moved soundly.

J Kirk