Alan A Britten

I wish to thank the secretary and her ladies of the committee for their kind invitation to judge in the beautiful scenic area of Malvern. The hospitality was first class, the sunshine a bonus and the cooling breeze from the hills a blessing. I also must not forget my two stewards, Mr Peter Baxter and Mr D Caulfield who were true professionals, keeping me on the right track and organising my ring to my exact instructions, they could not be faulted. First the bad news A) Three dogs crossed canine teeth, hopefully still baby teeth. B) A young dog had only one descended testicle, may be rectified with maturity. C) Still a few light eyes in evidence. D) Many rear feet splayed out and down on the pasterns. E) Several dew claws required attention. The good news. A) Most dogs were in good clean, well groomed coats. B) The breed seems to be holding its own in type and soundness with some having good balance. C) The well balanced dogs coped with the rough ground of the ring without faltering in gait. D) We have some very good potential sires and dams in the breed which augurs well for the future of the breed. Thank you to all the exhibitors and spectators who supported me on the day. I was very sorry that so many old friends were unable to make it down to the Three Counties Showground.

(3). 1. Beverstock’s, Kalkasi Magical Masquerade. Only 7 months old but his general appearance and presentation was good. He has breed type with good black pigmentation and the correct shaped head in proportion to his body. He was expressing that true away’ look that only a good head with the correct shaped dark eyes can do. Level back and moved well over the uneven ground. 2. Kenyon and Ward’s, Charibere Solar Spirit at Chezanna. A much larger dog at 9 months. A beautiful sized head, good black pigmentation, ears just a little large which didn’t distract from his overall appearance. This dog has great potential. 3. Kenyon and Ward’s, Charibere Secret of Ours at Chezanna.

(5). 1. Dowdell’s, Shanlimore Moon River. A beautiful all white dog standing very proud and a  good specimen of the breed. Excellent pigmentation, strong true and well boned. On the move his power and strength coupled with balanced showed that he has muscle co-ordination. A dog with pleasing overall conformation. Excellent coat. Good level back. 2. Kenyon and Ward’s, Charibere Solar Spirit at Chezanna. A repeat from Minor Puppy. This puppy has such excellent breeding and has it all; type, soundness, balance on the move. He will be a force to reckon with in years to come. 3. Millett’s, Laudley Dandy Suitor.

(2). 1. Dowdell’s, Shanlimore Moon River. 2. Millett’s, Laudley Dandy Suitor. A good sized dog. Mainly white with dull, lemon markings on head, body and rump. Slightly round eyes and loose in the flews. Pleasant expression. Moved a little off track, but kept a level back.

(4). 1. Edwards’, Shanlimore Jesse James JW. All white dog in beautiful condition. Correct shaped head, black pigmentation, level mouth with good dentition. In profile his frame still has some body to build up yet. In perfect balance with a flowing coat, well fringed forelegs and rear of thighs. Showed keeness on movement with tail flagging into the ‘arrondera’. Very good presentation. This dog will surely follow in his sire’s footsteps. 2. Tadd’s, Kricarno Kalculation. A lovely head curving smoothly down to neck. Correct shaped eyes which are fairly oblique in their placement. Black pigmentation. Level back sloping in a gentle curve over the croup and good length of tail. Moved well with power. 3. Shepherd and Gordon’s, Shanlimore the Outlaw of Avantgarde. Litter brother to the winner in this class.

LD. (8). 1. Baverstock’s, Kalakasi Willows Surprise JW Sh CM. My first with a white coat and blaireau markings. A good strong boned body. Stood steady showing his square front and powerful shoulder set close to the body. A little light in eye, but very good pigmentation on the nose, mouth and round the eyes. Good length of body sweeping to a well feathered tail of the correct length. Moved with a strong push, keeping a good level back. 2. Duffell and Egleton’s, Ticaduffal Shooting Star. White dog with correct shaped head and good black pigmentation. Not quite the solid body of the winner but good length of back curving over the croup. Up on his toes, compact and with strong pasterns. I would say that this dog exercises on hard ground, no slack muscles on this one. Moved with power. 3. Shaw and Hewart’s, Zalute Zskazsavanzska avec Sunhaze. With a name this long there’s no  space for a critique!

OD. (6). Only 5 dogs but what quality in the line up. Everyone deserved a first award which will happen at another time I’m sure. 1. Bowker and Boyd’s, Ch/Am Ch. Rivergroves Murphy Goode (Imp). CC and BOB. White dog of great substance. Not the tallest of dogs but a complete picture of excellence, true to type. Perfect physical integration of balance with soundness. It would be a waste of words to compare this dog to the breed standard. He has it all down to perfection and in 20 years of judging, I have never seen a Pyrenean Mountain Dog with such a flowing movement. He glides across the ring with such a strong drive that he appears to hardly touch the ground. He reigned over every dog on the day. 2. Bowker and Gibson’s, Febus Ramoun. RCC. Sired by an old friend of mine. Ch/Ir Ch. Milenjohy Appo Royale. Which was my BOB at Leeds in 1998. His father would have been proud of him on the day. Ramon stood there a picture of power. Solid and firm as a rock. Wolf grey on the ears. Excellent back pigment but his dentition could have been whiter. Moved with power, keeping a steady line and a level back. Good angulation and in full coat with plenty of feathering. 3. Maggs’, Ch. Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche JW Sh CM. Winner of AV Pastoral and Utility Champion Stakes. Another favourite of mine bred by Mary Dunk and sired by top dog Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy. The winner of the AV Pastoral and Utility Veteran Stakes at the show. Well done!

MPB. (4). 1. Ford’s, Kalkasi Magical Beauty. BP. A true baby but with a good body. Nice head shape, level mouth, black pigmentation and well set eyes. Lacking a little of her white coat, but that will grow. Slightly apprehensive of everything around her, but to be expected from a youngster. Once she learns what is expected of her in the  show ring, I think she could become a multiple winner. 2. Marston’s, Charibere Savanah. What a lovely picture, white bitch. Fine clean coat. Stood square at the front. Has a good head with sweeping curves down the neck and over to the croup. Good pigment and level mouth. Good length of tail and plenty of feathering. Nicely fringed. Kept a level back on the move. This is another bitch to watch in the future. There is class and top breeding in her pedigree. 3. Wilcock’s, Lakasi Magical Flare.

PB. (3). 1. Marston’s, Charibere Savanah. 2. Wilcock’s, Kalkasi Magical Flare. A bitch with black lemon mask. In good coat. Strong head and neck. Level back and moved well. 3. Weir’s, Darmaror Posh Bear at Capyrmount.

JB. (2). 1. Lord’s, Laudley After Dark. Heavily coloured head, ears, mask and neck. Plenty of substance, strong bone and well muscled. Good coat and nice feathering. Movement a little off line but kept straight back and pushed hard. 2. Terry’s, Zalute Ztatusqowout Onanim. White bitch with touch of wolf grey on head and ears. Level mouth, good clean dentition. Perfect pigmentation and excellent eyes. Lacking a little substance. Moved well.

(8). 1. Smith’s, Briannor Atomickitten. White dog with a touch of colour on the ears and in good coat. Strong front, good head, level mouth. Well turned out and presented. 2. Shaw’s, Shanlimore Carnalian. All white bitch full of substance and in very good coat. Good pigmentation. Nice dark eyes and level mouth. The exhibitor brought out the best in this bitch which moved with balance and presented well. 3. Duffell’s, Ricaduffell Evening Star.

LB. (8). 1. Baverstock’s, Kalkasi Misty Willow JW. Litter sister to Limit Dog winner. Stood well. Head carriage perfect revealing a profile of the gentle curves from muzzle to stop, over skull, to muscular neck and the broad body right through to the rump and correct tailset. In good coat white with touch of blaireau on ears, mouth and black pigmentation. One of the few dogs ‘up on her toes’ on the day. No weakness in her pasterns. Good angulation, moved with purpose and drive. 2. Bayliss’s, Shiresoak Zabine JW. White bitch taller than winner. Good square front with correct curves from muzzle to neck. Very strong with good angulation. Plenty of muscle and broad in the back. Pushed winner hard but her slightly loose flews influenced my decision on her placing. 3. Holmes’s, Shiresoak. Amaibagagatelle at Lisjovia.

OB. (4). Normally the strongest class of Pyreneans and my favourite. Only 2 present on the day but what we lacked in numbers was made up for by class and style. 1. Srodzinski’s, Darimba Sariba Silk Satin. BB CC. A very good sized bitch who stood with that certain ‘air of grandeur’. At 6 nearly years of age she knew what was expected of her. A good square front and head carried high in a muscular neck with gentle curves from the muzzle. She was in good coat and her body was broad through to the croup and tail. Up on her toes with no slackness in the pasterns or hocks. Feet short and compact. Very well presented. 2. Bayliss’s, Shiresoak Zabianne JW. RCC. Some would say ‘age before beauty’. This bitch stood equally proud, presenting a lovely profile. She was in good coat and feathering, having a nice front and shape od head. Her face below the eyes was well filled and she had a close fitting mouth and black pigmentation. Not so broad in the body as winner but has a good curve of rib with plenty of room for heart and lungs. Moved well and pushed hard for that CC.