Pat Bayliss

I am very honoured to have the opportunity to judge our wonderful breed at Cruft’s Dog Show, it really is something special. There were some lovely dogs and bitches to choose from and after the judging everyone I spoke to was very complimentary and I thank them as it helped to make the day very special. Overall I found the heads in the bitches to be more to my liking than the dogs, temperaments were very good, mouths were good just two with small mouth faults, heads are still very variable and there are still a few loose eye lids and round eyes. Dog CC & BOB Edwards Ch Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy. Res Dog CC Bowker & Boyd Ch/Am Ch Riversgrove Murphy - Goode (Imp). Bitch CC Dunks Zalute Zuperlativadiction. Bitch Res CC Mattisson - Sandstrom Int/Nord Ch Viskaly’s Amazing Alpha. Best Puppy Mrs J Dowdells Shanlimore Moonriver.

VD (3) 1 Edwards Ch Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy. Dog CC & BOB at 10 yrs old this boy is a phenomenon most dogs his age would be contentedly curled up in front of the fire, but looking like a dog half his age he can still mix it with the best. In superb coat and condition with his beautiful head shape and lovely expression, that swung it on the day and he was a worthy representative in the Group Ring. 2 Pricketts Kricarno Kontinental 7yrs 5mths not quite the size of my winner, nice head and eye good angulations good pigmentation moved soundly. 3 Heap & Haltons Galliagh Nestalas 9yrs 4mths attractive blaireau dog good pigmentation good top line would have preferred a little less stop.

Sp PD (2) 1 Dowdells Shanlimore Moonriver 9mths old baby pale blaireau markings, good head & expression. Nicely constructed, Hugh glamorous puppy coat, moved soundly. Best Puppy. 2 Lord Laudley Zackary Star 11 mths nice head shape and good expression correct eye was a bit over whelmed which unsettled him on the move.

Sp JD (4) 1 Whitfield Penpriory New Statesmen of Dennaje 17mths attractive blaireau dog with good head proportions good eye and pigment nice outline with correct angulations went soundly. 2 Edwards Shanlimore Jesse James JW 17mths well up to 1st this young dog has excellent out line shape and movement but his head isn’t quite so developed as 1 when this comes his eyes should tighten. 3 Tadd Krincarno Kalculation 17mths well grown boy of good size just at the teenage stage were everything needs to catch up with his growth, nicely constructed, just a little heavy in the muzzle at the moment, hopefully will correct as the head develops.

YD (5) 1 Edwards Shanlimore Jesse James JW. 2 Shepherd & Cordon Shanlimore the Outlaw of Avantgarde 17mths litter brother to 1 has good head  and expression but being taller than his brother he isn’t so finished at the moment, nicely constructed he just needs time. 3 Bryan Fieldside Saxon Warrior 23mths tall heavier type, nice expression good top line and shape needs to settle in movement.

PGD (5,1a) 1 Stratton Baldwin Kricarno Kommendation tall boy with good length of leg Attractive head and expression with good infill under the eye correct eye size and shape good pigmentation, nice straight top line good construction back & front, moved out soundly needs to develop in body. 2 Waters Sketrick Gavarnie light grey blaireau markings with pleasing head and expression would have preferred darker eye. Nice front construction nicely presented, rear movement not so positive on the day. 3 Maidment Alchazandis Sperrylite heavier built dog with good bone and coat, good width of chest nice shaped skull moved soundly a little heavy in head for me.

LD (12,2a) 1 Baverstocks Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW. Attractive head piece with good eye shape and pigmentation, good length of neck flowing into strong top line, super angulations allowed him to move effortlessly round the ring, driving of his hocks. Needs to drop in chest to strengthen front movement, held his shape better than 2nd on the move. 2 Waters Sketrick Gardian this was a close decision, two lovely young dogs that will change places regularly, this boy excels in head and eye shape, tall with glamorous coat beautifully presented enough substance for his size, I would have preferred a darker eye colour and a stronger rear action. 3 Duffell & Egleton Ricaduffel Shooting Star with a super head and expression nicely constructed, moved out soundly, much to like about him just a little out of coat today. Made up a trio of very nice young males.

OD (10,1a) 1 Bowker & Boyd Ch/Am Ch Riversgrove Murphy – Goode (Imp) Res CC this is a real showman, superb outline and shape he is so well balanced  from his level top line to his tight cat shape feet. Pleasing head and expression to be picky I would have liked a little more infill under the eye excellently handled to show off all his many attributes. Close decision in the Challenge just preferred the head shape of my winner. 2 Mattisson-Sandstrom Viskaly’s Spirit of Alaska. Tall white dog, pleasing head and expression, good outline good construction and super movement, Showed to perfection. Is a little overdone in head and preferred the better rear angulations of my winner. 3 Maggs Ch Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche another lovely boy pale grey head markings lovely outline and shape excel in movement would have preferred slightly tighter eyelids.

Gd Cit D (3) 1 Denyers Ch Millenjohy Lord Brogan of Batrapyr SHCM at 7yrs old is in fine form light grey head markings nice moulded head, good pigmentation good expression, good top line moved soundly coming and going. 2 Maidments Alchazandis Sperrylite. 3 Flounders Pyrhaven Tudwick Wogan for Lakamoni good head shape with attractive markings a little straight in stifle which made his topline rise at the croup, would have preferred a tighter eye.

VB (8,1a) 1 Pollard Ch Gillandant Krystaleen 8yrs 8mths old heading a very strong class of veterans still in lovely condition, good head and expression, good top line and shape attractive coat, moved round the ring with drive, challenged hard for top spot. 2 Salmon Ch Ioniane White Lightening at Pyrdanti 8 yrs 8 mths an other old favourite of mine still looking good with lovely head and sweet expression close up to 1. 3 Goddard Can/Am Ch Kenneview Curtain call at Pyroni 7yrs 10mths quality all white bitch, nice  head and expression good top line nice angulations moved well would have liked her a little taller 3 very lovely bitches.

Sp PB (4) 1 Terry Zalute Ztatusqowoutonawim 12mths full of quality, sadly she had left her coat at home but her lovely head construction shape and movement could not be denied. 2 Carlin Rosemere Wandering Star 13mths pretty grey Blaireau markings nice eye and pigmentation, obviously a slow maturer she needs to broaden in skull to complete the picture which hopefully will come with time, shoulders are a little over angulated which affects her front movement. 3 Jones Shanlimore Moon Crystal 9mths Good head and expression, though eye lids could be tighter, good pigmentation gave her handler a hard time which affected her movement.

Sp JB (5) 1 Smith Shanlimore Lonesome Dove 17mths nicely balanced head and eye good pigmentation nice tight mouth ,good construction nicely balanced on the move. 2 Simpson  Penpriory New Dynasty of Baldhoon 17mths quality bitch close up to 1st good outline nice & movement, her head is a little unbalanced at the moment which should improve with time. 3 Laudley After Dark 16mths Blaireau bitch nice shaped head with correct eye shape & good pigmentation, would have preferred more length of back to balance her otherwise nice outline.

YB (4,1) 1 Dowdell  Odessa Crystal Moonlight 23mths all white with correct head & sweet expression very good pigmentation nice eye, not the biggest, but full of quality, good construction moved well. 2 Newland Alchazandis Vedma 18mths Good head and expression correct ear placement would have liked tighter eyelids, carrying a bit to much weight which affected her movement. 3 Lazarides Alchazandis Chalcedony 23mths has a little to much stop which spoils the overall head shape, good pigmentation & construction.

PGB (13) 1 Dunk Zalute Zuperlativadiction Pretty feminine head of correct proportions lovely flow through from muzzle to skull, nice tight mouth, excellent pigmentation super front construction, good body shape, correct coat, moved round the ring with style I was pleased to award her Bitch C.C. 2 Dowdell Odessa Crystal Moonlight. 3 Smith Briannor Atomic Kitten quality bitch made up a trio of very lovely young ladies more substantial than 1 & 2 with lovely bone and construction she’s beautifully made and so sound.

LB (11,4a) 1 McDowell Granchester Monique JW this girl has the most beautiful head and expression and has the size I love, standing she is difficult to fault and challenged hard in the quality line-up for the CC. 2 Baverstock Kalkasi Misty Willow JW another super girl who was close op to 1 she has very good size and construction and moved with drive I just preferred the muzzle shape of 1. 3 Smith Briannor AtomicKitten.

OB (12,6a) 1 Mattisson- Sandstrom Int/Nord Ch Viskaly’s Amazing Alpha. Superb head and expression good top line correct angulations, excellent  mover pushed hard in the challenge Res CC. 2 Pollard Ch Gillandant Annie Oakley this was a very close decision two very similar bitches teaming with breed points but only one could win, this came down to a whisker, which was a slightly better shoulder construction of 1. 3 Simpson Ch Zalue Zuperxzillating of Penpriory JW quality lady with good head expression and construction for me I would have preferred a little more length of leg.

Gd Cit B (5) 1 Kenyon Charibere Doit Etre Magique 8yrs old still in lovely condition, a little strong in head, good expression, good top line and shape attractive coat, moved round the ring with drive. 2 Kenyon Charibere Petite Panda sister to 1 and very similar in type preferred the less depth of muzzle on 1. 3 Salter Galliagh Ordizan sweet bitch needs more breadth of skull to balance the  head nice shaped eye and pigmentation not the body of 1 & 2.