Kricarno Kalculation  ( Kalli )
10th October  2005  (hip Score 4 - 3 Total 7)

Kalli winning his first rosette as a baby puppy at Chichester and District Canine Society's first monthly match for 2006
Kricarno Kalculation (KALLI) wins best Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppy 2006 with Pedigree/Masterfoods & Our Dogs


Kricarno Krystal Kool  ( Kimmi )

This is Kimmi the new addition to the family, daughter of Korri, -Kricarno Krystal Kleer, father Patou, - Noroit Des Chenes Secs I Meredydd (imp). We deicide to keep her because she was the really cheeky one, the one that tried every thing out first, and then sat in a corner whilst the others tried it pretending that butter wouldn’t melt, when it all went wrong.She caught her first rabbit at the tender age of  5 months then washed it all over before letting it go, much to her mother ‘s  annoyance, she stalks and chase’s every thing that moves including her grandmother, Katie, the cats - Bubble & Squeak, the local bird population, and even our pesky  squirrel that raids the bird table every day.Her loves include food, going out in the car, more food,  going up the fields with her uncle Kye, Cousin Kloe and Mum  Korri,  even more food, and being groomed, oh’ and chasing the others with her water bucket in her mouth, - usually with it full of water.

3rd July 2005
Kricarno Krystal Kool wins her first CC at Windsor under Margate Everton at the tender age of 13 months


This is Kloe she is Kasper’s (Venkersh Beauregard of Kricarno) daughter. Her mother is Bella (Royale Auxerrois) we are hoping to breed from her later this year
Kloe was brought in, she is a very sweet natured girl just rising 2 years old, she was only been shown 4 times in the first six months we owned her and has qualified for Crufts. We are very pleased with her as she has settled down nicely at Kricarno and hopefully next year she will be mated.

Kloe’s was mated at 3 and she had 8 pups 6 girls and 2 boys we kept a boy and named him Kali , Kricarno Kalculation, qualified at WELKS at 6 months old for Crufts, a this moment in time he’s doing very well in the ring and by the time he was 8 months old had received, Reserve Best Puppy in Breed @ S.E. PMD Club Show, 8 Best Puppy in Breed, 4 Puppy Group 3 & 2 puppy group 4 @Open shows, & 2 BOB. We are really proud of him. The picture of him here Click to enlarge is just after he won Puppy group 4 at Poole under Peter Radley. His sister Kricarno Kyanite Kaous, (Mi Mi), is also being shown and has qualified for Crufts as well and although is not being shown as much as Kali she is doing very well also another sister from this family called Kricarno Kyanite Koko, (Katie) also qualified for Crufts on her first time in the ring at WELKS under Chrissy Edwards.

Venkersh Beauregard of Kricarno ( Kasper )
Born 1st June 1995, he was bred by the late Brian Hammond, he has a lovely character, never being brought up with children but absolutely adores them and will not leave the side of one that is crying, until it stops, even when he does not know the child. He has helped in the raising of all the pups that have been born at Kricarno and in fact with Katie's pups, he was in the room beside the whelping box within 3 days (Katie fetched him in) and took over when Katie wanted a break. He was at the head of all the pups when they ventured into the garden for their first outing and rounded them up when he thought they'd had enough.
He was shown for the first five years of his life but he really did not enjoy it, he got his Stud book number at 3 years old and I semi retired him at 5 years old. He has sired 4 litters and 4 of his daughters from 2 of his litters are still being shown, one of them we have and she is doing well. Kasper goes to shows now and again when there is a veteran class scheduled, but more than ever he sits around at home doing nothing and enjoying every part of it. 

On the 14th of November 2004 we took Kasper to Hastings ,St Leonards & E. Sussex Canine Society, and at the tender age of 9 ˝ he not only took BOB ( Best of Breed) he also took RBIS ( Reserve Best in Show ) which we think at that tender age was very good, he was rather pleased with him self as well, but he has not been too well over Christmas, and although has always lived up by the house, and would be in and out of the house all day, he would very often like to stay out in the kennels overnight with the others especially in the summer months, he is now in the house altogether so as we can keep an eye on him, we now we bring one of the others in each evening with him on a rotation basis, but his favourite is Katie, his half sister, he’s always loved her. 

Kricarno Krystal Kleer (Korrie)
(Sketrick Connoisseur x Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno)
D.O.B. 02/10/99
Out of 24 outings Korrie has had 9 firsts, including 5 at Championship Shows,
2 being Best Puppy in Breed
She gained her first RCC at the age of 12 months out of Junior, under Andrew Brace at Midland Counties.
She has not been campaigned as much as her brother but has still done well.
Her lowest placing in all her showing was 5th.
Also RCC at Crufts at the age of 6years after coming out of retirement.

Hip Score : 3 + 3 = 6

Korrie  was mated at 4 and had 10 pups 6 boys and 4 girls, and we kept Kimmi, Kricarno Krystal Kool, her brother Kricarno Kommendation, ( Bandit) who is owned by Mr & Mrs Stratton - Baldwin is also being shown although not so much is still doing very well, Getting a RBIS under Leslie Waters at PMDC/GB Club show 2006. One of their other brothers after being re-homed is now doing Obedience and has already at the age of 2 gained his Bronze and Silver Certificates and is now attempting his Gold watch this space! his name is Kricarno Kompleted (Zuce). And not forgetting Kricarno Kasanova who is settling into a new home and becoming a dad to our Kali, is trying hard to get back into the showing game but it may take some time, but with lots of TLC and understanding we are sure he will get there.

Kricarno Kaptorvator (Kye)
(Sketrick Connoisseur x Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno)
D.O.B. 02/10/99

Kye's winnings in his first year of showing are as follows:

Out of 37 outings he has had 22 firsts, his lowest placing being 4th.
2 Best Puppy In Show - S.E. P.M.D.C.
2 Reserve Best Puppy In Show - Coulsdon Open (S Green, P Jolly & D Johnston) & PMDC of GB (A Haresign)
10 Best Puppy in Breed - 3 of them being Championship Shows (Bath, Windsor & Richmond)
Groups 1 to 4 at Open Shows
1 Best of Breed
S.E.P.M.D.C. Top Puppy & P.M.D.C. of G.B. Top Puppy for 2000
Top Minor Puppy S.E.P.M.D.C. Ch Show (A Brace)
And needed only one point for his Junior Warrant before the Foot & Mouth hit us
and his last three shows, before his 18 months birthday, were cancelled.
Best Junior at Crufts 2001.

Received his Stud number under A. Wright at 2˝ at National Working & Pastoral Breeds.
Received his 1st RCC under T. Thorn at SEPMDC 2003.
Out of 34 Ch shows his lowest placing has been 5th.

Hip Score : 2 + 2 = 4

Ch Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno (Katie)
(Lydaub Superior x Ch Shanlimore Karousel)
D.O.B. 11/12/96

5 BPIB, 2 x Group 4 and 1 x Group 3 at Open Shows before 9 months of age.
1st RCC at 17 months old, Z. Thorn-Andrews, out of Junior at Birmingham 1998.
Followed by 3 More RCCs.
W Coombs, National Working & Pastoral Breeds. 1999.
P. Fielden, Crufts 2000
T Thorn, Paignton 2000
Her tickets were gained from.
J. Banbury, Birmingham National. 2000
L. Cartledge, National Working & Pastoral Breeds. 2001
A. Arch, Leeds. 2002
and at the tender age of 10 yr. old she's still winning.