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The SEPMDC Club was formed in 1974 to cater for the needs of Pyrenean owners in the South and South East of England although we welcome members from anywhere.

Each year we hold a number of shows in addition to a Fun day, a New Years Lunch and the ‘Dog of the Year’ Competition.

We also publish a Newsletter every other month with articles about the breed, members experiences, general dog topics, Show reports, and anything else members send in.

Most of the material is based on practical matters and we endeavour to help each other through the trials of being a Pyrenean owner

All queries regarding any literature published on this web site should be addressed to the Secretary:
Mrs Marian Absolom

Request for new and updated Judges Cv's to reach  Mrs J. Hammond  by postal copy or by email to
by 15th.June2018


SEPMDC Limit Show 2018
on Sunday 7th October 2018
Judge - Stella Baxter
Held at Pamber Heath Memorial Hall
SEPMDC Open Show 2018
on Sunday 6th May
Judge - Louise Bermingham ( Bamcwt )
SEPMDC Championship Show 2018
on Sunday 1st April
Judge - Mr Peter Jolley
RESULTS    Critique
Fanciers of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog
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Puppy Sales updated 22nd  April 2016
Latest Updates

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17-03-2018:-  CRUFTS Critique added
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23-01-2018:-  Judges List Updated
20-02-2018:-  SEPMDC Open Show Schedule added
15-01-2018:-  Dog, Puppy and Veteran of the Year results
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