South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Open Show 21st May 2011

Thank you to the officers & committee of the club for the kind invitation to judge your open show.

The warm welcome and hospitality throughout the day made it a very enjoyable occasion enhanced by the fact that I had some very nice dogs to go over.

I was delighted with my winners and a lot of my placing were very close decisions.

Thank you once again for giving me the honour of judging your lovely breed



Puppy No Entries

Junior 3 (1)

  1. Dowdell’s   Ordessa Moonlit Artic Bear

Well grown at  just  12 months still some maturing to do , completely out of coat but this didn’t detract from his good overall shape, nice head shape correct almond shaped eye, good pigment on eyes and mouth , moved freely.

  1. Smith’s  Penellcy Spectromagic

 Well presented coat, head of correct proportions, good pigment, medium angulation, not so positive on the move as above.

 Yearling 5 (1)

  1. Dowdell’s Ordessa Moonlit Artic Bear
  2. Shepherd & Gordon  Gillandant the Illusionist at Avantgarde

              Loved his head shape, correct almond shaped eye, presented in nice coat, level topline,                                     steady mover.

  1. Smith’s  Penellcy Spectromagic

Novice 5 (1)

  1. Dowdell’s  Ordessa Moonlit Artic Bear
  2. Shepherd & Gordon  Gillandant the Illusionist at Avantgarde
  3. Smith’s  Penellcy Spectromagic

Undergraduate 7 (1)

  1. Wells  Sketrick Lupo

Nice overall shape, strong topline, good shoulder placement, good width & depth to chest .

Masculine head, eye a little round, good steady movement.

  1.  Dowdell’s  Ordessa  Moonlit Artic Bear
  2. Shepherd & Gordon  Gillandant the Illusionist at Avantgarde

Post Graduate 7 (0)

1.       Pollard’s  Gillandant Rockafella JW ( Best in Show)

For me the star of the day, still quite young but he is so well balanced, masculine head but still retains some elegance, almond eye of good colour, perfect pigmentation, good mouth, straight front, nicely shaped feet with arched toes, medium angulation fore and aft, deep chest, covers the ground with ease, holds his topline, shown in lovely condition.

2.       Absolom’s  Fontenay Newton  Wonder

Another very nice dog, good head shape, dark pigment, medium angulation, coat starting to blow, needs to settle on the move, very promising.

3.        Low’s  Pyrtastic Nightshine

All white lovely presentation, eye dark but a little round, pigment good, level bite, movement ok.

Limit 5 (0)

1.       Magg’s  Gillandant Kathy’s Clown (Reserve Best Dog)

Masculine head of correct proportions, correct eye shape , pigmentation good, shown in lovely muscular condition, neat feet, well presented, strong ground covering movement.

2.       Water’s  Sketrick Just Like Shrek

Very close decision here, beautiful head shape and expression, shown in lovely bloom, just not moving so positively, another lovely dog.

3.       Tadd’s  Kricarno Khoirboy JW SHCM

Completed a trio of very nice dogs, well up to size, good pigment, mouth correct, level topline, out of coat.

Open 3 (0)

1.       Duffell’s  Ricaduffal Shooting Star

7 years not the biggest but well put together, pleasing head, pigment good, mouth correct, medium angles, level topline, good easy movement.

2.       Well’s Sketrick Illustrious

Thought this would be my winner, good head shape, lovely eye shape, nice body with good angles, moving a little close behind.

3.       Low’s Pyrtastic Nightshine


Veteran 8 (1) 1 w/d

1.       Magg’s  Ch Zalute Zerendiptee of Dewych JW SHCM (Best Veteran )

9 years old, I am sure he could still hold his own in breed competition, presented in lovely condition, good head shape with correct pigment and eye, mouth good, medium angles, nice compact feet, lovely mover, a credit to his owner.

2.       Stannard’s  Lydaub Iced Diamond of Pennco SHCM

Hard to believe she is 11 years old, what fantastic condition, nice head shape, her mouth is still a perfect scissor bite, level  topline, well muscled quarters, showed the youngsters how to move.

3.       Burwell’s  Laudley Dyllan Thomas

10 years dark blaireau another in lovely shape, attractive head, good pigment and  eye, holds topline, moved out well. 


Puppy Bitch   No Entries

Junior 2

I.                    Dowdell’s  Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star

Litter sister to junior dog winner, same remarks apply, would like to see her when in full coat, at that in between stage but a lot to like.

                           2.      Burwell’s  Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville

                     Very feminine with a nice head shape and the correct almond eye, good                       pigmentation around eyes and mouth, tight flews, level topline, very close decision between these two. 

Yearling 2

1.                   Dowdell’s Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star

2.                    Burwell’s  Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville

Novice  1

1.       Dowdell’s  Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star

Undergraduate 1

1.       Dowdell’s  Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star


Post Graduate  3

1.       Tadd’s        Kricarno  Kryststal Karousel with Venland  ( Reserve Best Bitch)

Headed a nice trio of bitches, very feminine with correct head shape, good mouth, tight flews, good pigmentation, strong topline, medium angulation, feet could be neater, moves well, with more confidence will do well.

2.       Duffell’s  Kalkasi Misty Star of Ricaduffal

Nice expression, good pigment and mouth, more compact in body, topline level, moves well.

3.       Dowdell’s  Ordessa Ivory Moon Crystal

Taller all white, desired head shape, pigmentation good, topline level, medium angulation, moved adequately, out of coat.


Limit 1

1.       Stratton-Baldwin’s  Kricarno Kyanite Kaous

5 years mature bitch, a little sluggish on the move, straight front, medium angulation, well presented.


Open 4 (3)

1.       Pollard’s  Ch Gillandant Sugar & Spice JW ( Best Bitch Reserve Best in Show)

Lovely bitch didn’t realise that my best dog was a repeat mating, very nice head giving desired expression with almond eye, and perfect pigmentation, ear set correct, good shoulders with medium angulation rear to match, strong topline, moved well  very close decision between her and her kennel mate for best in show

2.       Duffell’s   Ricaduffal Evening Star

Hard to believe she is 7 years old, in lovely condition, nice head, good eye colour, straight  front,  strong rear, moves true. 

3.        Dowdell’s  Ordessa  Silver Lace Moon

Very nice bitch, with correct head and eye, mouth and topline good, medium angulation throughout, pigmentation good, shame that she didn’t want to move .


Brace 3

                                     1.     Dowdell’s  Well matched pair moved well together

2.        Burwell’s  Complimented by matching markings

3.       Stratton-Baldwin’s Completed a trio of well matched braces