SEPMDC Dog of the Year 2011

Judge:-  Clare Sharp

I'd like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this competition.  I had a lovely afternoon with you, enjoying the wonderful lunch, fantastic hospitality but moreover, meeting your beautiful dogs.  I was so impressed with the overall soundness of the entry and the condition in which they were presented - both in coat and general body condition.  Thank you also for accepting my decisions so sportingly.
My principle winners were as follows:-
Puppy of the Year: Hill's Gillandant Akira at Cluny.
Dog of the Year: Well's Sketrick Lupo.
Winner first round loser: Well's Sketrick  Illustrious.
All three dogs are super examples of their breed. Well constructed, good head shape, excellent pigmentation, in good coat  and moving positively & soundly.

Adult of the Year :-
Mr. & Mrs Wells:- 
Sketrick Lupo

Puppy of the Year :-
Mr. & Mrs Hill :- Gillandant Akira At Cluny


Best first round loser:-

Mr. & Mrs Wells:-  Sketrick Illustrious


Qualifiers (Adult)
Alchazandis Foxminty Bear at Pyrbern - Mr. & Mrs Munson
Briannor Ainthalfhot at Caselbarn - Mr. & Mrs Haresign
Bursville Georgies Girl - Mr. & Mrs Burwell
Ch Pyroni Valentino of Baldhoon - Mrs Simpson
Jazanah Jaunty - Mr. & Mrs Meakin
Jazanah Jeune Amour for Alchazandis - Mrs Kennett
Jazanah Josephinite - Mr. & Mrs Meakin

Kricarno Khoirboy JW ShCM - Mr. & Mrs Tadd
Ordessa Ivory Moon Crystal - Mrs Dowdell
Ordessa Silver Lace Moon
- Mrs Dowdell
Pyrdanti  Solitaire of  Merzurlaska - Mr. & Mrs Vogler
Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville - Mr. & Mrs Burwell
Sketrick Illustrious - Mr & Mrs Wells

Sketrick Just Like Shrek - Mr. & Mrs Waters
Sketrick Lupo - Mr & Mrs Wells

Ch & Int & N Ch Vi'skaly's Amazing Alfa at Kington -
Mr. & Mrs Savage

Qualifiers (Puppy)
Alchazandis Empyrean Lady - Mr. & Ms Holt
Alchazandis Scintillation - Mrs Kennett
Alchazandis White Velvet - Mr. & Mrs
Gillandant Akira At Cluny - Mr. & Mrs Hill
Merzurlaska Zianon Lace - Mr. & Mrs Vogler
Sketrick Non De Plume - Mr. & Mrs Waters
Pyrbern Blond Lynx - Mr. & Mrs
Pyrbern Blonde Apache - Mr. & Mrs

More pictures of the winning dogs

Sketrick Illustrious - Mr & Mrs Wells

Gillandant Akira At Cluny - Mr. & Mrs Hill

Sketrick Lupo - Mr & Mrs Wells