SEPMDC Dog of the Year 2006

Judge Martin Phillips
Winner :- Mrs Lesley Waters with
Puppy of the Year :- MRS J.& Ms H Whitfield with PENPRIORY NEW STATESMAN

Winner of the first round losers :- Mr & Mrs R.M.& S.A Tadd with KRICARNO KALCULATION

1. Mr & Mrs I.Baverstock. Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW
2. Mr & Mrs I. Baverstock. Kalkasi Misty Willow
3. Mrs J. Dowdell. Ordessa Crystal Moonlight
4. Mrs J. Dowdell. Shanlimore Moonriver
5. Mrs M. Dunk. Zalute Zuperlativeaddition JW
6. Mrs M. Dunk. CH.Zalute Zuperzofistication
7. Mrs M. Dunk. Zalute Zuperxzellaration
8. Mr I. Duffell[Ms D. Egleton. Ricaduffal Shooting Star
9. Mrs C. Kenyon. Charibere Petite Panda
10. Mrs B. Lord. Laudley Drifting Skylark
11. Mrs K. Maggs. CH.Zalute Zerendipitee of Dewyche JW Sh.CH
12. Mr & Mrs R. Tadd. Kricarno Krystal Kleer
13. Mr & Mrs R. Tadd. Kricarno Kalculation
14. Miss. D.Terry. Zalute Ztatusquonotonawim
15. Mrs 1. Waters. CH. Sketrick French Connexion
16. Mrs 1. Waters. Sketrick Gardian
17. Miss J. Weir. Darmaror Posh Bear
18. Mrs J & Ms H. Whitfield. Penpriory New Statesman
19. Mrs S. Woodhouse. Ir.CH.Zalute Ztatusquoallmacho via Darmaror JW Sh.CH
20. Mrs S. Woodhouse. Darmaror Bertie Bear